'Not a Pretty Sight' by Roger McGough

Roger gave me permission to work on another of his poems after my friend Emma spotted it in a book. Unlike my previous work for him which was a bit more 'literal' in translation, this one gave me the opportunity to have some fun - so you need to read it to get it! Recently, Roger gave a poetry reading very close to where I live so it gave me the chance of handing the finished work over to him. As you'll see from the slightly blurry picture, he smiled when he opened it (which is good news for me!).

280 x 250mm. Four colour letterpress on 300gsm Federigoni paper.

Unframed - but take a tip - it looks great in a thin green frame as you can just about see in the picture. My framer called the colour of the wood, 'Apple'.

Limited edition of 20 copies.

13 copies remaining.

Price below is for a signed and numbered, unframed print.

Framed copies available for £55.00


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'Not a Pretty Sight' by Roger McGough

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